About Sightsea

SightSea Training & Coaching Services provides clients with high-quality Training, coaching and facilitation – helping individuals to upgrade their lifes and companies to shift their business directions. 

By identifying and aligning business & personal goals of clients, furnishing them with skills, strategies, resilience and the right mindset, we support them to unleash their full potential and enjoy the journey to success. Developing the proficiency, confidence and believing in human potential by pushing boundaries to excel, contributes actively to both – personal and business growth.

We are well-versed in global business nuances, client expectations, people and culture solutions. We foster credibility by investing in individuals, practicing proactive talent management, enabling development opportunities by training and coaching – current and future leaders to excel.

Our methodology is to help individuals and teams to embark on a journey of self-reflection, reviewing beliefs, patterns and habits in order to consciously reprogram their minds and perform a significant transformation in their personal & professional lives for the good. Converting challenges into opportunities and gifts by paving the way with one’s valuable experience, fresh mindset, new strategies and a strong sense of commitment, allows human beings to experience positive changes and creating a lifestyle of their desire.

We respect the Guidelines of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and conduct coaching sessions according to the ICF Code of Ethics.