“All Coaching is – Taking a player where he can’t take himself”

Bill McCartney

 Coaching supports individuals to unleash their unique potential by exploring within themselves different options, discovering new perspectives, improving the focus a of attention towards goals that generates requested outcomes.

Emotional Intelligence (EI, EQ, EL)

A key skill for leaders- understanding & managing your own emotions & those around you. Being willing to work on self-awareness, self -management, social awareness and relationship management - will eventually lead you to the road of success.


Hypnosis can help people to become aware of conscious & subconscious thinking patterns by guiding them into a relaxed and attentive state “trance”, in order to make necessary changes subconschously and experience how to influence your proffessional & personal life.

Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP)

NLP is an approach to communication, personal & professional development as well as change. NLP offers technique, tools and strategies, that can build a strong foundation for growth, leadership & management in every area of your life. It awaknes the curiosity about ones patterns and allows to understand and reprogram those.

Positive Intelligence (PQ)

PQ enhances your mental fitness by tackling your own saboteurs which helps you to deal with challenges and relationships in a more profound & conscious way. This tool has been designed by Shirzad Chamine – who helped people around the world to live a more fulfilled & successful life.

Success Story

Joanna introduced me to coaching using NLP tools and exceeded my expectations. Within a very short period of time, she was able to analyze and loosen a blockage in me, which had prevented me from recognizing my self worth for decades. 

Since I met Joanna she has consecutively helped my to take big steps towards the end of the tunnel and sessions with her are part of my regular routine now. She is intuitive, sensitive, discreet and simply a fantastic person.

Ute Köst

Sales Associate