“Take a chance. It’s the best way to test yourself. Have fun and push boundaries.”

Richard Branson

1. Guest Experience

People & products are the two major key components that can create a delightful & memoreable guest experience. Will Rogers quoted ” You never get a second chance to make a first good impression”. Guest satisfaction has an impact on all areas of your business.

2. Team Building

Team building improves productivity and  engagement by creating synergies for a transparent culture, strategic & effective mentorship, coaching and upskilling. an investment in team building activities, is an investment in success.

3. Business Ethics

Ethics determines the reputation of a company and has an influence on all levels of the Business. Training perople in Ethics, will foster a successful company culture and can eventually increase profitability.

4. Business Etiquette

Key aspects for success in any industry rely on how well-mannered one is and can build longlasting relationships with internal & external customers by demonstrating an outstanding approach.

5. Leadership & Influence

Everyone of us has the potential to grow in a leadership position. Techniques of true leadership (inspiring others to do what needs to be done) can be learned and  the skill to take the lead can be developed.

6. Assertiveness & Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence is a key element in our personal & proffessional life in dealing with setbacks & driving motivation. Assertive communication & behaviour reflect fairness & equality in human interactions. 

Training Library

Change Management

Managing change has become a critical skill, both for leadership -- and for employees in an organization.

Conflict Resolution

Equipped with a conflict resolution process, people can explore and understand those differences, and use them to interact in a more positive, productive way.

Crisis Management

Being able to identify risk, assess a situation and respond appropriately are important and require not only training, but practice.

Developing New Managers

There are several strategies that can help you develop new managers, which ensures not just the success of individual employees but of the organization.

Interpersonal skills

Make a difference by learning communication skills, negotiation techniques, tips on creating an impact and advice on networking and starting conversations.

Managing Workplace Anxiety

Before identifying any type of anxiety, it is important to know the common symptoms and characteristics of different disorders.

Media and Public Relations

Gain knowledge to manage effectively your image and value, by forming solid networks through strategic communication planning.

Negotiation skills

Understand the phases of negotiation, tools to use during a negotiation, and ways to build win-win solutions for all those involved.

Performance Management

Effective management can ensure proper behavior and attitude are being mirrored, which can in turn produce favorable results.

Risk Assessment and Management

Risk assessment and management is essential for the success of any business which prevents mistakes and leads to a safer work environment, happier employees, and increased productivity.

Trust Building and Resilience Development

Creating relationships that are built on trust and having the tools to be resilient are crucial in establishing a workplace that is safe and a stable place for all to work.

Organizational Skills

Organization can increase a person’s general productivity, project management and can even affect his memory and retention skills.

Contract Management

Contract Management involves, planning, development, execution of the contract and beyond to the point of renewal. Learn the common Contract Management activities.

Middle Managers

Middle Managers head a variety of departments and projects which is essential that those in middle management are committed to the goals of the company, and they understand how to effectively execute these goals.

Prospecting and Lead Generation

Changing your personal perspective of prospecting and engaging in fun, new activities, your company will benefit from new enthusiasm and increase sales leads.

Success Story

Working with Joanna was amazing experience for us. She has successfully trained our Team in Guest Service and Team Building, while improving and uplifting the overall outlook of our Team including skills, knowledge and performance. Professional attitude and unified standards are visible and well recognized by customers.   She has trained and coached each employee individually and created a better understanding of the gaps and how to fill them, resulting in a more powerful and aligned team focusing on collective targets.  We are very pleased to have worked with Joanna, who is a highly motivated consultant/trainer, coach & professional mentor. Her expertise and knowledge added value to our management team as well by offering new perspectives, ideas and customized solutions. Extremely professional collaboration. 

Pamela Nelepa

PME International General Trading LLC